Throughout the semester we have investigated theories, ideologies, and various l

Throughout the semester we have investigated theories ideologies and various literary narratives that respond to our historical and social climates and conditions. Some of this has been hard some of it hurts and causes us to reflect not only on the world around us but on our own positions experiences feelings assumptions and perspectives. These narratives are about so much more than oppression or suffering. These are narratives about survival resilience and possibility and at the root of all of this are black writers and creatives who continue to proclaim that black lives matter. In this response choose one of our texts (literature podcast video etc.) and discuss one way the author/creator explores this message. Perhaps it is through an emphasis on love and healing (self-love love for the nation etc.) black futures recognition ancestral knowledge etc. Please be as specific as possible (stay away from broad responses such as they show oppression or talk about slavery) point to a specific quote or moment in the story a strategy the author uses an underlying theme etc. the routes are endless. This response may be in any form you choose. I ask that written responses do not exceed 3 pgs. This lab is optional and due May 6th by 11:59pm PreviousNext

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