Using current events and or documentaries, films¦explain your position on the ev

Using current events and or documentaries films¦explain your position on the event documentary and or film as it relates to the textbook. Provide me with logical reasoning behind your position. You are at complete liberty to conduct further research to help you formulate a response. You want to be sure to support your view with evidence (real-world facts examples case studies) Cite any work that is not your own APA writing style format is required for this paper. NO OTHER FORMAT WILL BE ACCEPTED Also include why the opposing side is wrong and you can do so by showing biases incorrect statements) You will not need to submit an abstract just a title and reference page. You will have a total of 6 pages (4 of actual research). Use topics pertaining to the chapter and use quotes and paraphrasing appropriately back up your views and opinions with research that supports claims. Your paper should feature: (1) a clear thesis statement (i.e. In this paper I will argue¦); (2) key ideas of relevant articles/books/ sources that you find; (3) a clear well -reasoned argument; (4) conclusion that recaps the main points of your argument.**First person is not allowed in formal writing. Grading Rubric- Research Paper The paper contains a clear understandable thesis statement (0-5points)The author has consulted the articles/books that are most relevant to the question at hand and also explained the central arguments therein with care and precision (0-20points)The paper contains a clear well-reasoned careful argument (0-5points)The paper contains adequate referencing using APA format “in text citations and is free of egregious spelling/grammatical errors (0-20points)

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