Using Internet sources, such as social media sites, Google Images, and other sit

Using Internet sources such as social media sites Google Images and other sites you are focusing on one religion (Please select one: Buddhism Islam or Hinduism) and doing a PowerPoint report on your chosen religion and a controversy that this religion has been involved in during the last few years. This is not a historical report so do not do controversies that are over 40 yrs. Length: 25-30 slides AND extra slides Format: (there should be between 5-10 online sources used for the entire presentation).Slides 1-7 Background that explains the religion (bullet points are fine) offers visuals to describe the religion such as worship spaces rituals or other visual representations of the religion.Slides 8-20 Describe the controversy you have chosen and describe what the competing sides are? Here you will use sources from online sites but be critical consumers of online information; not everything you read about on the Internet is true. You are just putting the sides out there with visuals that represent the controversy as well.Slides 21-25 or if needed the conclusion may go up to slide 29 but no more). Conclude with your own opinion on the controversy. Slide 30 is the bibliography where you will list your 5-10 online sources. “submit extra slides at the end of your Media Reports¦.these extra slides will add more to the religion you have chosen to cover in your Media Report. For example if you are doing Buddhism¦.add some music some videos some slides that will make your presentation more interactive than just plain slides. “ use music videos art interview clips¦etc the more creative! EXPECTATION: Excellent presentation writing is excellent some very minor spelling or grammatical errors visuals are great they work with the content of the slides the format is correct source count is met and the slide count is met. Please note if you turn in a Media Report that does not meet the required slide count you will automatically receive points in this category. ” if it appears that the slide content has been cut and pasted into your report from uncited sources. This is plagiarism. If this occurs the assignment may be given points from this category but if it is clear that the entire report has been cut and pasted from sources

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