Using the Abstract Guidelines (both Word and PPT versions) and the annotated out

Using the Abstract Guidelines (both Word and PPT versions) and the annotated outline in the Dissertation Prospectus Guide draft a one-page abstract of your Prospectus draft as if it were an abstract of your three-chapter Proposal. Think of it as a short overview and summary of your Prospectus. Obviously you will not be able to include research findings but an abstract for your Prospectus will provide a blueprint for the abstract for your Proposal. In this Discussion you will review your Historical Alignment Tool (HAT) matrix that you developed in Week 5. You will also evaluate two of your colleagues Dissertation Prospectus abstracts. This Discussion provides another opportunity to examine the alignment of all components of your Prospectus in order to support the creation of your dissertation Prospectus as you continue to document both the developmental evolution of and the alignment among the problem statement purpose potential significance research question theoretical framework research design and methodology (method of inquiry) data collection and analysis method and implications for positive social change. As discussed in Week 5 to do this well often takes a number of iterations as you research gather digest and analyze new information about your research topic. Continued use of the HAT will provide iterative documentation of your rationale for making key research design/methodology decisions. The HAT should be updated after each Ph.D. residency and at the end of every quarter to (a) validate your choices or (b) explain how new knowledge or thoughts have informed changes in your dissertation research design and methodology. Think of it as a master tracking tool for changes you make along the way. Later in the course you will want to ensure that your Prospectus HAT and abstract match one another and are in alignment and up to date. By Day 3 Use the Abstract Guidelines listed in this weeks Learning Resources to create your abstract and then post the one-page abstract of your Prospectus as an attachment to your Discussion.

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